Our team at FaithNetwork is comprised of people just like you. We have people working with us that served in their churches as media directors, music leaders, church secretaries, pastor's assistants, bookkeepers, board members and more. These same people bring their talents and experience to FaithNetwork for your benefit. Our staff literally becomes a valuable extension of our client's team of volunteers and paid staff members. We are here to help in any way we can!

We believe that certain people are gifted by God in certain areas. Our internal teams are designed to help maximize and strengthen those gifts of our employees while ensuring the right person is doing the right job for the success of our client. All too often a web company may have a highly technical person doing customer service, or a customer service person who does some design, or a designer trying to write code. What you often will get from this type of cross work is an incomplete web experience lacking in some critical area. FaithNetwork is a firm believer in having people specialize in each task they perform, from client management and support, to design and development. This ensures the highest level of excellence for our clients.

Core Team Members

John Stewart, Founder & President

John Stewart, a USAF veteran, has been working in internet based technology since the early 1990s. While living in Southern California he got his start creating small footprint, internet based video games and developed web based solutions for clients such as Billabong, Kenwood, Cedar Sinai and others.

In 1995 John accepted Christ and had a vision that one day he would be used to advance the Kingdom of God through the use of web technology.

In 1997 John was called to the Northwest to start the interactive division of a technology marketing company, Imagio Marketing & Communications, that is now a division of J Walter Thompson. John gained valuable experience in brand marketing and how that extends to an organization's web presence.

Always an entrepreneur at heart, John left the agency to form his own company. In 1999 John co-founded a Seattle based internet start-up called DailyShopper.com that provided a consumer sales comparison engine and a hosted sales display application for major retailers like Best Buy, Target, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Nordstrom and many others. John built DailyShopper, later known as DS Retail Technologies, into a large company, serving most of the top retailers in the United States.

John bootstrapped this company through the tough times of the dot bomb and through the 9-11 economic down turn and eventually led this company to be a profitable and successful entity. DS Retail Technologies was purchased in 2004 by the newspaper giants of the day -- Tribune, Gannett and Knight-Ridder. These were the same entities that owned Cars.com, CareerBuilder.com and many other well-known internet brands. ShopLocal.com was then formed and still exists today as a valuable tool for consumers and a service to retailers world-wide.

After his success in the retail space John realized it was time to pursue his vision of earlier years and he created a new company called FaithNetwork. FaithNetwork is focused solely on reaching the world for Christ through new and innovative uses of technology. John is living his dream now, passionate about his work and eager to do his part for the Kingdom!

Tonya Walters, Director of National Sales

Tonya Walters is a Seattle-based mother of 3 and a loving wife. She has been a part of the FaithNetwork Team since 2015. Working in retail management for almost 10 years has given Tonya the ability to work with just about anyone! Tonya has also been a part of Young Life, church volunteering, mission trips, and women’s Bible studies in her area. Her heart to spread the love of Jesus is evident in every conversation she has!

Tonya heads up the Sales Department at FaithNetwork. She works closely with prospective clients and those that have recently signed on for any of the services we offer. She has a genuine love for our clients and the mission of FaithNetwork. If you are looking for one or more of the services we offer let Tonya demo everything for you and see if we are a fit!

Steve Beren, Director of Client Services

Steve Beren is a Seattle-based consultant and businessman, and joined FaithNetwork as Director of Client Services in 2011. He was west coast Director of Operations for the internet marketing company ShopLocal, where he worked from 2003 to 2008. Since 2009, Steve has been the owner of One Spark Marketing, specializing in communications, publicity, social media, and political campaigning. A native of New York City, since 1987 Steve has lived in Seattle, where he and his wife are members of Christian Faith Center. He is active in local politics, and ran for congress in 2006 and 2008.

Summing up his client service philosophy, Steve says, "It is enjoyable to help my client achieve what they actually want to achieve. I don't want to try to convince or coerce someone to do what I think they should be doing - I find out what they really need and want to do, and I help them achieve it. If that can be accomplished, I've done my job. My clients reach their goals - they're happy, and I'm happy. With FaithNetwork, I can help a church or Christian ministry reach more people for Christ, and nothing tops that."

Zack Bosquez, Director of Strategy & Development

Zack Bosquez is Texas-based Developer, Cinematographer, and CEO that joined the FaithNetwork Team in 2016.

Zack got his start making sandwiches at Schlotzsky’s Deli before venturing into the IT realm to eventually lead valuable teams for the likes of West Central Wireless, AT&T, and others. At the age of 20 Zack became the CEO of a regional-sized company he started that specialized in technology repair. The company voluntarily closed it’s doors after 2 years of operation.

After Zack’s first company closed it’s doors, he went on to build a new company named JZB MEDIA that specializes in Brand Strategy; he also began working his way up inside of Apple Inc. to eventually lead valuable teams that affected the overall efficiency, technological know-how, and day-to-day operations of AppleCare. Zack was offered employment through FaithNetwork after meeting John Stewart, who attended the same church! Zack is also heavily invested in his church’s media operations. He assists with video production, web development, and currently is the Director of Live Stream at nineteen:ten church.

Quote from Zack: "These past 2 years have really been a blessing. I’ve been able to use my gifts to do the things I love, and asynchronously work to build God's Kingdom."

Pros: Strategic, Efficient, Organized, Works allllll night.
Cons: Sometimes is not awake during the day.

Caroline Spiz, Creative Director

Caroline is not shy, we are just waiting on her bio...

Caleb Lozano, Web Advisor

Caleb Lozano is the youngest member of the FaithNetwork team, at age 20. He joined early 2017 as an intern in search of direction and guidance. He’s found that now and feels strongly that God has placed him in his position for a greater reason. Not for himself, but to help ministries that are struggling to grow, and to spread the Name of Jesus!

Caleb works closely with clients as a Web Advisor. He helps push their sites live and always has an open ear for them. His favorite part of the job is getting to know who he is working with and building a strong relationship with clients.

Church CMS

Easy-to-Use CMS

Easily keep your website, apps, channels etc up-to-date with our "one place manages all" Church Content Management System. No need to hire 3-4 other companies to handle all we do!

Great Support

Outstanding Support

Real humans. Phone, email and even text based support for those noisy media rooms during service. Emergency support after hours including engineer support on Sundays and mid-week nights for live stream and multisite DVR!

Knowledable Staff

Passionate Team

Our team has a passion for YOUR mission. We are here to help your ministry achieve your goals! We love our clients and want to create a long lasting partnership with each and every one of them.

Detailed CMS Training

Ongoing Training

Our staff is here to answer your questions, train new staff or just give you a refresher if needed -- free of charge. We have also developed a suite of video training sessions to help make editing your products easy!

Proven Developement Process

Proven Process

Our process is time tested and has led to successful launches of thousands of sites ...not just at FaithNetwork. Our process comes from years of experience at marketing agencies and internet companies nationwide.

Church Technology Innovators

Constant Innovation

We are always looking for new and needed web based tools to further aid your ministry. If you have a technology need for ministry that we dont't offer please talk with a representative today! We can help!

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