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Building a website for your organization can be a daunting task, but with the help of the Faithnetwork team, it doesn't have to be! Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your needs and create a website that perfectly reflects your organization's mission and vision.


Meet Some of Our Team Members

John Stewart President

John Stewart

Founder, President & Web Wizard

John Stewart, a USAF veteran, has been working in internet based technology since the early 1990s. He got his start creating video games and developing web based solutions for some big clients in the infancy of the web.

In 1995 John accepted Christ and had a vision that one day he would be used to advance the Kingdom of God through the use of web based technology.

In 1999 John co-founded a Seattle based internet start-up that serviced many of the top retailers in the US. This company was later sold and John leveraged this success and experience to create the vision that was laid on his heart year's earlier. FaithNetwork was formed in 2007.

John is passionate about the work we do at FaithNetwork, he loves Jesus and keeps Him as the cornerstone of FaithNetwork's daily operations. When working with FaithNetwork you will get to know John and you will see his heart for the success of your ministry. When not working, John enjoys an active lifestyle with his wife of 27 years and his four kids.

Tonya Walters

Director of Sales & Captivating Conversationalist

Tonya Walters is a Seattle-based mother of 4 & a loving wife! She has been a part of the FaithNetwork team since 2015 and absolutely loves her job! Helping churches and ministries grow is a passion of hers. Other things she loves is spending time with her family, hanging with her girlfriends, reading a good book, traveling and hiking! Lastly, food is the way to her heart.

Tonya heads up the Sales Department at FaithNetwork. She works closely with prospective clients and those that have recently signed on for any of the services we offer. She has a genuine love for our clients and the mission of FaithNetwork. If you are looking for one or more of the services we offer let Tonya demo everything for you and see if we are a fit!

Tonya Walters Director of Sales

Zack Bosque Director of Strategy

Zack Bosquez

Director of Strategy & Devoted Developer

Zack is a seasoned brand strategist with a passion for helping businesses and organizations establish themselves in their respective industries. With a wealth of experience in diverse industries, including coffee shops, restaurants, ice cream shops, barber shops, spas, educational institutions, and non-profits, Zack has honed his ability to develop and execute creative branding solutions that resonate with target audiences.

But Zack's expertise goes beyond the realm of business. As a person of faith, Zack also has a deep passion for helping ministries align themselves with the needs of their congregants. Whether it's through building websites, creating engaging content, or optimizing communication channels, Zack is committed to helping churches and other religious organizations make a positive impact in their communities.

With a track record of success in both the business and ministry spheres, Zack is a versatile and results-driven brand strategist who can help any organization achieve its goals.

Caroline Spiz

Creative Director & Valiant Visionary

Caroline is a talented graphic designer with a passion for creating visually stunning websites and apps. She brings a unique perspective to every project and works closely with clients to bring their visions to life. She is excited to be a part of the FaithNetwork team and looks forward to creating beautiful, functional designs for our clients.

Caroline lives together with her husband in the house that they renovated together over 15 months. She can often be found with a camera in her hands, in the gym lifting weights, or exploring the great outdoors.

Caroline Spiz Creative Director

Steve Beren Director of Client Services

Steve Beren

Director of Client Services & Resident Tie Guy

Steve Beren, a Texas-based consultant and businessman, joined FaithNetwork in 2011. He was west coast Director of Operations for the internet marketing company ShopLocal, where he worked from 2003 to 2008. Since 2009, Steve has been the owner of One Spark Marketing, specializing in communications, publicity, and social media. After 34 years in Seattle, Steve moved to Kendall County, Texas in 2021. He and his wife are members of Summit Christian Center.

Summing up his client service philosophy, Steve says, "I enjoy helping my client achieve what they actually want to achieve. I don't want to try to convince or coerce someone to do what I think they should be doing - I find out what they really need and want to do, and I help them achieve it. If that can be accomplished, I've done my job. My clients reach their goals - they're happy, and I'm happy. With FaithNetwork, I can help a church or Christian ministry reach more people for Christ, and nothing tops that."

Zander Stewart

Web Advisor & Resilient Right-Hand Man

Zander is the youngest member of the FaithNetwork team, at age 23. He joined 2021 as an intern in search of direction and guidance. He’s found that now and feels strongly that God has placed him in his position for a greater reason. Not for himself, but to help ministries that are struggling to grow, and to spread the Name of Jesus!

Zander works closely with clients as a Web Advisor. He helps push their sites live and always has an open ear for them. His favorite part of the job is getting to know who he is working with and building a strong relationship with clients.

Other things he enjoys is working out, hiking, snowboarding, golf, & hanging out with his friends.

Zander Stewart Web Advisor

Cliff Ceasar Social Media Coordinator

Cliff Cesar

Social Media Coordinator & Superb Strategist

I have worked with churches for 15+ years. I'm a father to 4 beautiful girls and my wife is insanely perfect. Creativity, diversity and simple Gospel are my passions and my hobbies are eating cereal, drinking tea, and playing warzone!

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