Multisite Church DVR Video Platform


Multisite Church DVR Video Delivery
For Your Video Church Venues

Many churches today are faced with the challenge of increasing their church attendance while keeping costs low. For some, it can be too costly or impractical to hold services at a single location that can accommodate all of their attendees. Other churches choose to create alternative venues to better serve a given community. In our changing times, a lot of churches have responded to these opportunities by opting to use video venues to house their church services while broadcasting from primary locations to these venues over the web.

FaithNetwork has created a robust, time tested, cost-effective solution that will allow your churches to conduct real-time or near real-time (if desired) services using DVRed live streams of the speaker originating from a location across town, in another state, or even in another country. We have developed a unique remote control based playback system, allowing you to playback these DVRed streams seamlessly at your remote venue quickly and easily. Your video venues can even download the finalized streams for local playback, removing the variable of internet speed from the mix.

Stop Driving Your Media Across Town!

Yes, even today, many churches will drive DVDs or USB drives of services from their main location out to their other locations. Some also are one week delayed at their remote venues. Managing your video venues this way causes issues of disconnect, delayed teachings, and a sense of just watching TV at church. Utilizing the DVR based multisite church video delivery platform from FaithNetwork, your remote venues tap into real time services, viewing the live service from the main location seconds, minutes or even hours after it just occurred. Our solution allows you to encode an HD live stream from your main location to our hosted DVR recording servers. You are then provided players to playback this DVR stream at your remote location or locations. Multisite church has never been this easy!

Providing Multisite Church Solutions Since 2009

Years ago, FaithNetwork was asked by one of our larger clients to help them launch their first video venue. At the time, this was a very new and progressive concept. Who would want to sit in church and watch a video of the service from across town? Well, we took the challenge and worked with then encoder company Kulabyte, now a division of Haivision, to develop a cloud based DVR solution for this mutual client. This launch was a great success! Due to high costs of Kulabyte and Haivision products we knew we needed to rework this system to be more cost effective so churches of all sizes could benefit from this technology. We have evolved our systems over years of experience and that first customer is still streaming their video venues with us. They grew from 2 to 16 remote campuses throughout the nation!

Easy For Volunteers

Worldwide CDN Delivery

Downloadable Playback

Priced for the Church

Weekend Support

Remote Control Strategies

24x7 Availability

Proven Partner

Want to Explore Point to Point Encoding and Decoding?

For a more robust solution, we integrate many point to point streaming solutions on the market today. Stream real time from one location to one or many other locations. Stream from both locations and simulcast your church service, intermingling streams from all your remote venues. Connect your venues and allow real time interaction between them all!

We are a wirecast reseller Akamai JW Player and JW Platform Partner
Church CMS

Easy-to-Use CMS

Easily keep your website, apps, channels etc up-to-date with our "one place manages all" Church Content Management System. No need to hire 3-4 other companies to handle all we do!

Great Support

Outstanding Support

Real humans. Phone, email and even text based support for those noisy media rooms during service. Emergency support after hours including engineer support on Sundays and mid-week nights for live stream and multisite DVR!

Knowledable Staff

Passionate Team

Our team has a passion for YOUR mission. We are here to help your ministry achieve your goals! We love our clients and want to create a long lasting partnership with each and every one of them.

Detailed CMS Training

Ongoing Training

Our staff is here to answer your questions, train new staff or just give you a refresher if needed -- free of charge. We have also developed a suite of video training sessions to help make editing your products easy!

Proven Developement Process

Proven Process

Our process is time tested and has led to successful launches of thousands of sites ...not just at FaithNetwork. Our process comes from years of experience at marketing agencies and internet companies nationwide.

Church Technology Innovators

Constant Innovation

We are always looking for new and needed web based tools to further aid your ministry. If you have a technology need for ministry that we dont't offer please talk with a representative today! We can help!

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