Multi Site Church Broadcasts

Many churches today are faced with the challenge of increasing their church attendance while keeping costs low. For some, it can be too costly or impractical to hold services at a single location that can accommodate all of their attendees. Other churches choose to create alternative venues to better serve a given community. In our changing times a lot of churches have responded to these opportunities by opting to use alternative venues to house their church services while broadcasting from primary locations to these alternative venues over the web.

FaithNetwork has created a robust, cost-effective solution that will allow your churches to conduct real-time or near real-time (if desired) services using an Internet broadcast of the speaker originating from a location across town, in another state, or even in another country. This service includes a variety of customizable features, including countdown timers, Twitter and Facebook integration, iPhone and iPad integration, a Live Prayer feature, group and individual chat, and custom branding. We can design a multi-site live church broadcasting site that meets all of your individual needs.

You can also record your broadcasts of streaming church media and add them to your website’s video library, where they can be accessed in the future.

Live Stream DVR Multi-Site Broadcast

FaithNetwork has developed an innovative means of facilitating church in your remote venues. Many churches today will mail DVDs of services from their main location out to their satellite locations. This strategy causes issues of disconnect, delayed teachings, and a sense of just watching tv at church. Utilizing the DVR based multi-site church solution from FaithNetwork your remote venues tap into near real time services, viewing the live service from the main location seconds, minutes or even hours after it just occurred. Our solution allows you to encode an HD live stream from your main location to our hosted DVR recording servers. You will then be provided with a player to play back or decode this DVR stream at your remote location or locations. Multi-site church has never been this easy!

Point to Point Encoding and Decoding

For a more robust solution we integrate many point to point streaming solutions on the market today. Stream real time from one location to one or many other locations. Stream from both location and simulcast your church service intermingling streams from all your remote venues. Connect your venues and allow real time interaction between them all!

Questions About FaithNetwork?

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