Beautiful Church Websites
FaithNetwork designs and creates custom church and ministry websites for the price of many template solutions on the market. Each of our sites has a robust set of features that will make any website an engaging and useful tool for your members and new visitors alike. Our sites are all controlled by our amazing, easy-to-use Content Management System so updates and edits are easy to do and keeping your site content updated is a breeze. Our customer service team is an extension of your volunteer and paid staff, we are here to help with updates and edits whenever you need them.

Beautiful Custom Designs

FaithNetwork websites are custom designed for each ministry by our team of professional web site designers. At FaithNetwork we do not believe true marketing can be accomplished by taking a template website and slapping your logo on top. We understand the need to get to know your ministry and ensure our designs reflect the voice and brand you wish to convey to the mass market. Many of FaithNetwork's designers have done work for major retail companies and other corporations.  They are proven brand marketers with exceptional design and user interface creation skills. Some of our designer's have done work for companies such as Apple, Verizon, Bloomingdales, Macy's, Target, Best Buy and many other recognized and trustworthy brands. Let us design a beautiful website for you!

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FaithNetwork can design for any site style you need. Whether your church or ministry is urban, inner city, in the mountains, on the coast, in rural America, or in another country our designers can capture the voice of your ministry. It doesn't matter if your ministry is hip and edgy or if you are highly conservative,  we CAN design for you! Chances are if you need a certain design style we have done it! Contact us and we will show you sites that match the look you need!


Website packages starting at $1700 one time fee and $30 hosting monthly

Silver Package

For some the Faith Network Silver package will be a starter website; for others this will be a purpose built website for a conference, a series of meetings, a special concert - whatever special event you are offering that calls for a stand-alone website.  The Silver package includes all the features of a Gold site except Audio, Video and blogs.

Gold Package

The FaithNetwork Gold package is our flagship product for churches and ministries.  This package offers all of the features you need to create a dynamic and revealing website.  Starting with dynamic custom design that is tailored to Reveal, Connect and Grow your ministry, and including a comprehensive Content Management System that gives website control to leaders that you designate.  The Gold Package will Reveal, Connect and Grow your ministry and will give your ministry an intentional look and functionality.  The Gold package provides a Calendar, Audio, Video and Pictures Galleries, Blogs, File Cabinet for the entire church. 

Platinum Package

The FaithNetwork Platinum package is an extension of the Gold package.  The Gold package provides a Calendar, Audio, Video and Pictures Gallery, Blogs, and File Cabinet, for the entire church.  The Platinum Package extends that to give EACH ministry within the church their own Calendar, Audio, Video and Pictures Galleries, Blogs and File Cabinet.  For example, with the Platinum Package the Women’s Ministry will have their own Calendar, Audio, Video and Pictures Galleries, Blogs, and File Cabinet; so will the Men’s Ministry, the Children’s ministry, etc.  For larger organizations, the Platinum package offers a structure that makes it easier for individuals to find the content that is relevant to their needs and interests quickly and efficiently.

Features designed to engage your site users

FaithNetwork offers the most comprehensive set of features designed and developed to meet the need of any church and ministry site. We are always expanding this feature set to make sure church sites begin to LEAD the way in reaching and engaging with people online. Below is a list of many of the features available from FaithNetwork.

Content Management System

We begin with the amazing FaithNetwork Content Management System! As you read through the comprehensive list of features that we offer, keep in mind that each feature is easily managed by anyone with knowledge of word processing. No special knowledge required! We have developed this system as OUR ministry to ensure that you can pursue YOUR ministry without barriers or restrictions. FaithNetwork websites are graphically striking and relevant to your ministry but they are backed by a Content Management System that is simple, intuitive and flexible, to give you all the control you need to Reveal, Connect and Grow your ministry. The CMS allows you to restrict and designate control over each section to the ministry leader/administrator that you select to empower.

Professional Custom Design

We are intent on understanding your ministry and what you want to Reveal, Connect and Grow. We focus on the culture of your community, your worship, your teaching and your heart to create a custom website that truly represents your ministry.

Sermon/Message Center

This feature pulls together your sermon audio and/or video, sermon notes including illustrations and scripture and presents them in one easy format. The website visitor is given easy options to view, listen, download or comment. All options are under your control through our Content Management System.

Photo Galleries

Share the look and feel of your ministry. One of the best ways to Reveal the worship, the joy, the teaching and the overall look of your unique community, is through your photo galleries.Photo Galleries are where you can simply upload photographs into albums and make them available for viewing on your site.

Streaming Audio Libraries

Streaming Audio Libraries allow you upload audio files and stream them through your site on any page, in an audio library, or over mobile devices. Post sermons, announcements and more!

Streaming Video Libraries

Post sermons videos, announcements, testimonials and more and make them available on your site by embedding them in pages, in a video library, in our message/Sermon archive, or over mobile devices.

Podcast Management

We have automated integration with iTunes to make podcast management simple and straightforward. With a FaithNetwork website you never have to upload an audio or video event more than once for it to be part of your audio/video archive, iTunes podcast and Sermon/Message Center.

Live Stream Church

Our amazing online church campus allows you to stream your services live in an interfaced designed to mimic the offline church experience. We use social media widgets to promote the social side of church. Users can chat one on one with a pastor or chat as a group. Users can also search the Bible to follow along with Pastor and they can take notes, give online, complete a decision card, take a survey and more!


You can have as many blogs as you need for your ministry to convey your thoughts, plans, study, or just daily observations on the Christian life. Blogging has never been this easy. With our CMS, adding a blog, removing a blog or changing a blog is simple.

Dynamic Calendaring

Ever seen a website calendar with Christmas events still showing when Easter was two weeks away? With our dynamic calendaring system, that will not happen. You can add up to an entire year of events and when the event is over it automatically gets deleted. No more old events left on your website. You can also “feature” events to give them special prominence on your website. Everything you wanted in a simple to manage calendaring system.


Want to invite the guy in the next cubicle to the weekend worship event? With FaithNetwork websites, E-vites make it easy to email all the important details in a friendly yet professional looking presentation with just a few simple steps. We make it easy and intuitive for community members to invite others to your events.

Surveys, Event Registrations and Forms

Using the same FaithNetwork technology as Event Registration, you can create surveys and forms that will help you in managing your ministry. With our very simple “drag & drop” system, you can create all the surveys and forms you need to help Connect your ministry.

File Sharing

Think of this as the biggest and best file cabinet you ever owned! Sermon notes, permission forms, small group outlines, attendance lists, meeting notes, procedures -- all that paperwork available 24/7 online. Create as many file drawers as you need and restrict access to each file drawer as you require.

Serving Hub

List all areas of serving opportunities available within your church or ministry. Users can search by their gifts or areas they want to serve. Possible volunteers are connected immediately with leaders in your ministry.

Bible Reading Plans

Set up your own bible reading plan for your site users. Configure daily, weekly, monthly scriptures with additional resources from your pastoral team.

Online donation Management

Provide an opportunity for your community to develop good stewardship practices. With online donations they can set up their account to automatically deduct their tithe on pay days, or they can set up recurring donations, pay by credit card or automatic ACH from their bank. Your donors have the option to create an account and track their own giving throughout the year. We offer many options to choose from to make donations simple and automatic.

Prayer Requests

Use online prayer requests to Connect your prayer team with your community. The requestor can select to make the request private or public and the leadership decides how to transmit those requests to your prayer team. Prayer requests can be delivered to your cell phone or computer for immediate prayer action.

Social Network Integration

We can help you set up social network programs with your current branding (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Keep the community informed and available. If you are already actively pursuing a social network agenda, we can quickly and easily integrate that into your FaithNetwork website.

Mobile Sites

iPhones, iPads, Blackberry, Android, smart phones of all size, shape and color. This is how your wired community will be interacting with your website. However, often your mobile site needs to have a slightly different format than the website viewed at home or at the office. FaithNetwork gives you complete control of the smart phone viewing experience. Our websites recognize the tool your viewers are using, and presents the appropriate display, while offering the option to view the full site!


We can show you how to manage your newsletter program at little or no extra cost; with all the features you require: newsletter creation, delivery, statistics, reporting and list management.

Site Traffic Reports

Keep track of exactly what is happening on your website.  How many people are viewing your site each day? Where do these viewers come from? How many pages do they look at? How long do they stay at each page? This timely and relevant information can help you continuously evolve your website to be the best tool for your audience and community.

Search Engine Optimization

FaithNetwork deploys the standard SEO techniques in all sites we create. We stay abreast of the techniques involved in search engine ranking. Our new sites are responsive in nature so they pass the mobile qualifications of search engines. We provide tools in our content management system for url rewrites, title tag changes, description changes and more!

Search Engine Marketing

FaithNetwork can assist you in getting higher organic rankings or even manage your paid keyword campaigns through Google, Yahoo and Bing. Maximize your reach in your local market by marketing your website on the search engines.

E-mail accounts

Of course! We can help with that! Most of our clients qualify for FREE Microsoft 365 email accounts for their church. We can help set up your account, manage your email aliases and gain access to the powerful exchange server features of this offering.

Questions About FaithNetwork?

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