FaithNetwork Content Management System CMS

We begin with the amazing FaithNetwork Content Management System! As you read through the comprehensive list of features that we offer with this online content manager for churches, keep in mind that each feature is easily managed by anyone with knowledge of word processing. No special knowledge required! We have developed this system as OUR ministry to ensure that you can pursue YOUR ministry without barriers or restrictions.

FaithNetwork websites are graphically striking and relevant to your ministry—and they are also backed by a Content Management System that is simple, intuitive, and flexible, giving you all the control you need to Reveal, Connect, and Grow your ministry. This content management system for churches allows you to restrict and designate control over each section to the ministry leader/administrator that you choose to empower. With our CMS for ministry, it’s easy to access and manipulate the various features that FaithNetwork provides you, such as blogs, audio/visual files, e-commerce storefronts, live chat functions, newsletters, and much more.

Our CMS allows you to keep your site up-to-date

  • Add events to your calendar
  • Upload Audio, Video, Files and Photos
  • Create Pages
  • Manage Site Images
  • Create Daily Bible Readings
  • Adjust Your Serving Opportunities
  • Manage your Podcasts
  • Track Prayer Requests
  • Modify Site Image Rotators
  • Control Online Donations
  • Schedule Live Broadcasts
  • Modify Navigation
  • Create Blogs
  • Manage User Profiles Modify Styles
  • And so much more...

Questions About FaithNetwork?

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